Saturday, October 31, 2009

How to Wonder Wheel Someone or Something with the Google Wonder Wheel

The wheel shaped like tool, with the simple aim of simplifying and arranging search results, is gaining popularity among users worldwide (where available) and reached 1 million google wonder wheels. The wheel was first introduced publicly in May and became a favorable feature to many due to the layout and result display which basically get the work done for the user as far as relevant and related search results go. The fact that its a pre defined mind mapper which helps the user get all the related search results in a wheel shaped like display (similar to mind mapping softwares which are commonly used by many), gave users another reason to use it in addition to the features already provided by search engine giant Google.

Friday, October 23, 2009

FasTake, Market Research for Everyone

We're grabbing the regular online surveys business model and slapping it around, developing and simplifying it. Soon everyone will have the means to run powerful market research, FAST, simply and affordably.

FasTake is a single-stop, DIY online information collection platform letting you quickly pick and edit questionnaires or forms templates, find and incentivize respondents in real-time, and read and share the data picked up.

We are soon releasing a beta version and we would like to count you among the first folks to take it for a spin.

FasTake strives to make the advantages of market research accessible to all by democratizing online info collection; not just the process , but also the price tag.

Too often survey sponsors complain of irrelevant information infested by 'professional' respondents. Meanwhile real survey takers feel defrauded by those targeting their wallet rather than their opinion .

With a fancy underlying patented algorithm to provide real-time sample access, a passion for valid market research, a need to make its power available to all, and a cool, friendly interface, FasTake is changing that.

Creating a new account is free; no test period mumbo jumbo. Genuine survey sponsors know what they are getting and pay just for what's needed, when needed; survey sponsors need information and FasTake helps them get it. Valid respondents are always treated fairly and with respect: real respondents are willing to give their time for fair compensation; FasTake makes sure they get it.

FasTake provides all the Web 2.0 ( soon to be 3.0 ) tools critical to conduct straightforward and reasonably priced market research. Online automation and social integrative technologies simplify processes, make them more efficient, and also speed them up, all while maintaining the veracity of the information gathered. Our tools also weed out dubious sponsors and respondents only looking to make a fast buck and no contribution.

And we are going further by catering to respondents' good will. It's our way to give it forward - and make everyone warm and fuzzy.

We are shortly releasing a pre-release version of this single-stop, DIY online information collection platform letting you quickly pick and edit questionnaires or forms templates, find and incentivize respondents, and analyze and share the data gathered. Check out the sneak preview for more details.

We'd love to count you among the first folk to take FasTake for a spin.